• Board of Education and Publication Ministries

    The Board of Education and Publication uses the media of print and music to promote, encourage, and defend the Reformed faith and testimony of the denomination.

  • Covfamikoi Family Conference Camps & Conferences

    The annual family conference of the Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery is held in Campbellsville, KY. Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Covfamikoi

  • Geneva College Institutions

    Geneva College is a comprehensive Christian college of the arts, sciences and professional studies. Founded in the tradition of the Reformed Christian faith, Geneva prepares students to serve Christ in all areas of society: work, family and the church.

  • Graduate Study Committee Ministries

    The Graduate Study Committee prioritizes and funds requests for financial aid to support the graduate study of selected members of the denomination.

  • Home Missions Missions

    The Board provides counsel, encouragement, resources, and training to presbyteries, and helps local congregations in the areas of evangelism and church planting.

  • Horn Creek Camp Camps & Conferences

    The annual family camp of the Midwest Presbytery at Horn Creek near beautiful Westcliffe, Colorado. For details and to register online go to info.rphorncreek.com

  • Iowa RP Family Camp Camps & Conferences

    An annual family camp of the Midwest Presbytery at Crooked Creek Christian Camp, Washington, Iowa. Find more information at http://www.iowarpfamilycamp.org

  • Kobe Theological Hall Institutions

    Equipping Japanese ministerial candidates as well as church officers/workers by training them in solid biblical and Reformed Presbyterian theology.

  • Laurelville Family Camp Camps & Conferences

    The annual family camp of the Presbytery of the Alleghenies at Laurelville Church Center in Mt. Pleasant, PA.

  • Ottawa Theological Hall Institutions

    Established in 1982, Ottawa Theological Hall (OTH) is one of the few Reformed and Presbyterian theological seminaries in Canada. It is located in the heart of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and is under the authority of the St. Lawrence Presbytery of the RPCNA

  • Pacific Coast Summer Conference Camps & Conferences

    Pacific Coast Presbytery's summer conference in Bellingham, WA. Information is available at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pacific-Coast-Presbytery-RPCNA/176174195737253

  • Reformed Presbyterian Home Institutions

    The Reformed Presbyterian Home is a non-profit, charitable institution providing nursing care and residential living to elderly persons.

  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary Institutions

    To educate students who love the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, equipping pastors for the ministry of the gospel and preparing others in the church for effective service in His kingdom, all within the framework of the historic Reformed faith.

  • RP Global Missions Missions

    RP Global Missions motivates and leads the denomination to fulfill the Great Commission by planting strong churches outside of the bounds of presbyteries in North America and by ministering to nationals wherever they may be.

  • RP Missions (Short-term missions) Missions

    RP Missions operates under the oversight of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America and seeks to carry out missions from a consistently Reformed and biblical perspective. RP Missions works with established congregations and/or missionaries.

  • RP Trustees and RPM&M Institutions

    Synod has delegated responsibility for the corporate operations of the RPCNA to the Trustees of Synod, a group of nine Reformed Presbyterians who are elected by Synod for three year terms. Jim McFarland, as the Treasurer of Synod and a member of the Trustees, handles most of the day-to-day operations of the corporation.

  • The Board of Pension Trustees Ministries

    The Board of Pension Trustees’ function is to glorify God as a servant of the denomination to fulfill its ministries in providing deferred compensation for its workers. Toward that end, the Pension Trustees are responsible for the development and supervision of the pension programs of the denomination.

  • The Interchurch Committee Ministries

    The Interchurch Committee initiates and develops relations with other denominations that have the same basic doctrinal positions, based upon the Reformed faith and the inerrancy of Scripture. The committee corresponds and converses with such bodies with a view towards greater understanding and cooperation.

  • Theological Students Under Care Ministries

  • White Lake Covenanter Camp Camps & Conferences

    Atlantic and St. Lawrence Presbyteries' summer family & kids camp in White Lake, New York. For additional information, please visit whitelakecamp.wordpress.com